Stories Behind The Sales

453 Cambridge

October 10, 2020

Having met Lauren at an open house I was thrilled when asked to represent her and to look after her best interests. As we embarked on her house-hunting process, we came close to tasting victory as we found ourselves in a large bidding war for a very desirable home, only to come up slightly short. However, after experiencing a close loss neither one of us was deterred from our goal of finding a great first home.

With our motivation still sky high, we jumped and took advantage of another (and surprisingly better) opportunity, only this time to taste sweet-sweet victory! What made it sweeter was the charm and better impression our new property had given us. The icing on the cake was Lauren trusting the process and following our pricing plan. As she came out on top as the head honcho. 
Thank you Lauren for being so relaxed and easy going. I wish you all the best in your next big step. Lookout River Heights, there’s a new trailblazer in town! 


455 Shorehill Drive

October 31, 2020

Congrats to this rock star family, J and B! My team started chatting and helped them relocate from Kelowna a few years ago and they bought rurally. We started chatting again as they realized that rural was not for them, they wanted condo city life! So here we are here standing in front of this new amazing condo that is going to be all theirs!

Originally they interested in the Bridgwater area, but we had a hunch Royalwood was where they would want to be. We sent them over a few listings and it was winner winner chicken dinner almost immediately. 

Congratulations to this family, for staying true to yourselves and doing what works best. You will absolutely love this new space!