Sandeep Singh For Caldeon Ward 2!

Caledon is experiencing rapid growth and development and we need to ensure our city's services match our needs

Lets work together to make Caledon a strong and diverse community.

My name is Sandeep Singh, and I want to be your strong voice at Caledon Town Hall. Our neighbourhoods face complexities of a growing town, such as transit, infrastructure and services

Along with unprecedented growth, we have one of the youngest family base demographics in the GTA. I want to ensure that residents of all ages and interests feel a strong sense of pride and community that is being developed, and enjoy the amenities and unique experience that living in Caledon inevitably provides.

Being a husband, a father of two and a business owner, I understand that our tax dollars should be respected and should work for you to make certain our hard earned money is invested wisely into our communities. 

Lets work together to make Caledon a great place to live and raise a family. 

Please connect with me to express your concerns and how we can make Caledon better for all of us. 

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